Reynebeau Upholstery and Auto Trim
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Auto Trim and Furniture Upholstery

Reynebeau Auto Trim and Furniture Upholstery has been serving the community for over 80 years. Our name has become synonymous with quality work and customer satisfaction. Customer projects range from reupholstering family heir loom furniture; new boat seat cushions for the pontoon boat or new interior door panels for that 64' GTO that you're restoring.

What is Auto Trim?

Newly upholstered seats

Auto Trim is a term that covers all of the various fabric, vinyl, and/or leather components that are used in the manufacture of automobiles. These materials make up the door panels, seating, headliner, rear window shelf, convertible tops etc. We can repair torn, burned or stained materials with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer's) materials. OR we can completely replace your interior with custom fabrics, colors and designs of your choosing.

Types of Operations we perform:


Newly Restored Leather Couch This couch is a great example of a restored piece of furniture. It was rebuilt from the ground-up. The woodwork was refinished and it was reupholstered in leather. - Click Here for other examples of our upholstery work.
Newly Upholstered Horse-Drawn Buggy Seat This restored seat for a horse-drawn buggy is sure to be a real attention grabber. - Click Here to see other examples of custom projects our customers brought to us.
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